Our Grades 1 and 2 Curriculum


We are on a four-year cycle of the SDA  LIFE Bible series.
This year's book is Accepting His Plan (cycle 3)

Textbooks have been develop to facilitate a systematic study of Scripture throughout the grades.  This program includes a narrative approach to the Bible.  Students are expected to learn one Bible memory verse per week.


Our school uses the Harcourt Go Math Program (California edition)

This mathematics textbook series is based on the latest National Council for  Teachers of Mathematics Standards and is aligned with the SDA Curriculum Guide.

Language Arts
 The components of balance literacy program includes; Guided Reading, Writing, Self-Selected Reading, and Working With Words (Phonics).

Following are the text books use in our Four Block 

We use The SDA Life Reading Series and this year we will also begin to use some of the New SDA Pathway Reading program

We use The Houghton Mifflin English Program and the A Reason for Writing handwriting program

Self Selected Reading

As the kids read silently, I call up students one at a time to conference with. We work on comprehension, word recognition and do quick assessments during this time.

After the time is up, we share something about one of our books with our groups, a few students share their book with the class, or I call on students to answer quick questions about the book they have been reading. We share what we like about the book, where we got the book, and sometimes read a page or show our favorite illustration.

We use the A Reason For Spelling programThis includes the most frequently used words for each grade level
We have a spelling test over our  words for the current week every Thursday. Spelling List should go home every
week stating with the second week of school for Grade 2 students.
( The first five weeks Grade 1 works with phonemic awareness  so there is no Spelling list sent home)

Social Studies
We use the Pearson Scott Foresman Social Studies Program.  We will be studying from the textbook All Together this school year.

We will be using the By Design Science program as a base as well as other resourses.  This science program grabs kids, inspires teachers and points to God.